Popular Media Coverage

Work from the Plant Molecular and Biotechnology group has been extensively featured in TV, Newspapers & popular magazines. Selected examples are listed below:

  • Channel 10 news presented by Sandra Sully on 6 February 2002.
  • ABC Channel 2, Australia Wide 6 February 2002
  • The Australian; 7 February 2002.Vaccine promises yearly jab against hay fever
  • Bioworld Online; February 20, 2002 Australian Researchers isolate gene implicated in hayfever
  • New Scientist; 16 February 2002, Breathe Easy Life Science; 26 Feb 2002, Taking the angst out of allergies
  • Herald Sun; 6 February 2002. Sniff of hope on hay fever
  • MX-Melbourne; 5 February 2002 Jab to end hayfever
  • The Age; 7 February 2002.Hay fever cure a step closer
  • Sydney Morning Herald 7 February 2002. Rye smile for allergy sufferers
  • The New Zealand Herald 19 February 2002.Here is something refreshing
  • 3 AK Melbourne radio interview by Derryn Hinch on 7 February 2002
  • Campus Review; 23 January 2002, Research medal for Prem Bhalla
  • Channel 9 news; 15 June 2000 Hayfever cure.
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine (German Newspaper); 7 October 1999 Pollen gentechnisch von Allergen befreit.
  • Channel 9 news; 4 October 1999 Hypoallergenic ryegrass.
  • Herald Sun; 12 September 1999 Relief near for allergy victims.
  • The University of Melbourne Research Review; 1999 World-first low-allergen ryegrass heralds an end to grass pollen hayfever.
  • 1999 Green Pages Annual (Turfgrass Technology); Melbourne scientists continue world class research on grass.
  • The University of Melbourne Research Review; 1999 Genetically engineered ‘compactness’ gene will reshape export potential of ornamental plants.
  • Herald Sun; 27 February 1999 At the cutting edge – Researchers leading the world.
  • The Weekly Times; 16 December 1998 Hybrid cauli ahead on yield.
  • The University of Melbourne Research Review; 1998 Single sex hybrid cauliflower gives value for money.
  • The Weekly Times; 12 November 1997 Non-toxic ryegrass closer: researcher.
  • Ground Cover; Spring 1997 Genes to take nasties out of ryegrass.
  • Campus Review; 12 February 1997 Women reap their harvest in plant biotechnology field.
  • Uni News; 31 October 1997 Single sex hybrid cauliflower gives value for money.
  • Science and Technology; Achievements Budget Statement 1998-1999 by Hon John Moore, MP.
  • Today’s Life Science; Dec 1997, vol 9, Vegie patch ventures.
  • Herald-Sun Dec 1997 Hybrid seeds
  • The Age; 29 April, 1997 A wide word of opportunities.
  • The Australian; June 12, 1996 Academic couple help us to breathe easy.
  • The Age; December 1, 1994 Allergy vaccine may bring relief to some and dollars to others.
  • The University of Melbourne Research Review 1995 Genetic engineering for hybrid seed production.
  • TurfCraft International; International popular magazine, March 1995 Vaccines for suffers of grass pollen-world leading research at Melbourne University.


Selected News Articles

“Hybrid cauli ahead on yield” from The Weekly Times; 16 December 1998



“Single sex hybrid cauliflower gives value for money” from Uni News, 31 October 1997



“Non-toxic ryegrass closer: researcher” from The Weekly Times, 12 November 1997weekly-times


“Genes to take the nasties out of ryegrass” from Ground Cover, Spring 1997



from The Australian, 12 June 1996



“Hay Fever Cure in Pollen-Free Grass” from Sunday Herald Sun, 12 November 1995



“Allergy vaccine may bring relief to suffers and dollars to others” from The Australian, 1 December 1994