Post-graduate Opportunities


We welcome outstanding applicants with experience in molecular biology, genetics or biochemistry, and an interest in plants to apply for a variety of scholarship or fellowships.

PhD are available to work in one of the following areas of molecular biology and biotechnology:

  • Molecular Analysis of Shoot Apical Meristem
  • Engineering of Grass Pollen Allergen for Hay Fever Vaccination
  • Genetic Engineering of Male Sterility for Hybrid Seed Production in Canola
  • Genetic Engineering of Pasture and Cereal Crops for Improved Quality Characteristics
  • Horticultural Improvements of Australian Native Plants
  • Molecular Dissection of Crop Plant Reproductive Process
  • Tissue Culture and Genetic Transformation
  • Expression of Therapeutically Useful Forms of Allergens in Plants

If you are interested in joining us as a PhD student, please contact the group leaders. Please note, we only respond to inquiries that refer to our work in a meaningful way.
Applicants should have a H1 honours degree in Agriculture, Plant Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Biological Science or related discipline will acquire state of the art skills in Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology relevant to Biotechnology Industry.

The sort of questions we expect you to have thought about before you apply, include:
1. What do you in particular like about our work?
2. Why do you find the area of Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology exciting?
3. In which current research project would you see yourself?
4. How would you complement our laboratory?
5. What makes you a particularly strong candidate?