Research Capabilities for Industry Collaboration

We have well equipped laboratories, glasshouses and growth facilities provide a comprehensive environment for our research groups, comprised of post-doctorates and postgraduate students led by academic staff who are internationally recognized in their fields.

Academic collaboration: We have international collaboration with research groups in Austria, China, France, India, Japan, Netherlands, UK and USA.

Industry collaboration: Close collaboration with the private sector is highly valued by the group. We have a number of ongoing collaborative projects with the seed and horticulture industry.

Research capabilities and active projects include:
1. Gene Identification and Cloning Technology
2. Plant Tissue Culture Propagation Technology
3. DNA Fingerprinting Technology
4. Allergen Identification and Immunodiagnostics
5. Immunotherapy for Pollen Allergy
6. Immunodiagnostic Technology
7. Application of Molecular Markers
8. Transformation Technology for Genetic Engineering:
Among the plants we have already established transgenic technologies include: Brassica sp., Arabidopsis, Nicotiana, Rice, Wheat, Brachypodium and other grasses.
9. Available Patented genes and promoters:
We have a number of available patented genes and promoters with commercial applications.